'Senior Season' is upon us

When I take your photo I believe It is just as important to click with each other as it is to click the shutter

     I love being asked to take Senior Portraits. It is an exciting and sometimes unsettling time of life for both parents and students - and I feel so privileged to be asked to capture such a milestone in a family's life. 

     Parents want to treasure the last moments of their child's school career,  displaying their offspring in the context of their favorite hobbies and interests. Seniors' minds are often already on to the next stage in their life, squirming at the thought of awkwardly posing for a picture that is not of their own, often skillful, instantaneous making!

So - with that said, I aim to produce a picture of a moment - a big significant moment - not just of a 'Senior'. I want you to be comfortable enough with me to let me capture the real you. So - dress how you want, (and maybe a few pictures of how your parents want too) let's find the location that fits your story and strike some poses which show who you really are as you start the next chapter in your life.

Tel: (630) 699.9425


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